Charity Art Show For Animal Rescue Combines Animals With Videogames

Press Paws is a charity art show with an “animals in videogames” theme. The goal of the show is to raise money for a dog rescue initiative, What’s Up Dog! L.A., by selling artwork.


The Press Paws charity art show will take place at the Nucleus art gallery in Alhambra, California (address here) on February 9th. Over 50 artists are contributing original work to the show for sale. You can take a look at some of their artwork below.


In order be able to host the charity sale effectively, Press Paws are asking for contributions. The goal is to reach $3,000 in contributions, which will go into printing costs for posters and flyers, creating promotional items, refreshments for attendees at the art show, a photo booth and game demo stations to keep people entertained while they’re there. You can contribute here.


You can also visit Press Paws’ official website here and their Facebook page here.


Artwork samples:



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