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Chasing bad boy Taro in Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Season


Taro at schoolTokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd Season had two special guys added into the game by Konami for the DS release. One, Taku Komori, was an adorably easy to win sweetheart. Then there's Taro Majima. Taro's harder to win over, and to be perfectly frank – he's a jerk. He's one of those guys who thinks he's perfect (even though he's not attractive) and he is going to spend the entire game screwing you over.


Seriously, Taro is one of those guys your parents would warn you about. He's cruel at times, and involves quite a bit of event-triggering to win over. The only reason I bothered playing for him was to write this. He's just incredibly thoughtless, and most of his events display his arrogance. Let's look at a handful of his events.


First, to even meet Taro you must be inhumanly pretty. You better be going and checking your makeup and looking in the mirror all the time until around March of the second year. Perhaps look at some fashion magazines and attend occasional art classes as well. In February of the first year you'll be helping clean after the graduation for third year students and you'll meet Taro, who's a year older. If you're pretty, he'll come over, say you're cute and ask if you think so. Pick the first answer to be humble and say you aren't sure if you are. This pleases him, and will start you down the path of heartbreak. If you choose the second answer and agree with him, he'll insult you and you'll never see him again.


Even more of his bad attitude shows through, if you keep making yourself pretty. Later that year, you'll run into Taro arguing with a girl who's really mad. He'll come over and talk to you, saying the girl's the psycho cheater, and he's blameless. Agree with him if you want to keep seeing him (first option) or call him out if you're sick of him (second option).


Taro on a date When Taro graduates the coming March, he'll try to totally blow you off. When you ask for his number, he'll be even more than normal (amazing, but true) and claim he has no phone and this was all a game. Masochists should choose the first option, to say you were serious about him and like him. He then decides to screw with you bit more. He tells you he visits the Alucard Cafe (from Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1st Love), and if you work there you can see him. Go ahead and quit your previous job and start working at Alucard, where you'll get to see Taro flirt with other girls in front of you.


The next two Taro events are the worst ones, which truly show what a slime he is. First, while working at Alucard, Taro will ask you out and tell you to wear sexy clothes on the date. (Note: There are different clothes types in the game – elegant, pure, sexy or sporty.) You can agree or disagree, it doesn't make a difference. You also don't have to wear sexy clothes on the day. When you get there, some strange guy will hit on you and Taro will show up. He'll then get mad and ditch you, either for not dressing sexy or for dressing too sexy.


The next event involves another date with Taro and the same strange guy. The weirdo says that Taro was going to give you to him on that last date. When you ask Taro, he pretty much says that he was, but he wishes it wasn't true. You can be outraged and run off (the first option) or to trust him (the second). Either way, he'll say he doesn't deserve you and leave.


Penitant Taro If, by some miracle, you decide to put up with Taro after all of his abuse, keep working at Alucard. He'll come over one day to talk. Choose the first option to listen. If you do, he'll be at the lighthouse at the end of the game. He'll look deep into your eyes and go, "Baby, you know I only hurt you because I love you so much." Not really – but wouldn't it be great if he did? He says something about how he cares about you and he wants a second chance to be a good boyfriend. Congratulations! You shamed him into becoming a better man. No go after Hariya, Christopher or Shiba. Their parents taught them to respect women.


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