Check Out The Bizarre Alien World Of Environmental Station Alpha In This New Demo



Hempuli (aka Arvi Teikari) has been working on Environmental Station Alpha for the past three years, and it seems work on it has now finished. As such, a Windows demo (direct download) for the game has been released.


Environmental Station Alpha is described as an “action adventure platformer with a retro aesthetic and heavy emphasis on exploration.” You play as a robot that has been sent into a mysterious space station that has, apparently, been abandoned, in order to investigate what happened there.


As you can see, the game has lots of rugged pixel art textures giving the feel of the environments that you jump and shoot your way around. An alien insectoid hive looks gross – you can almost feel the tendrils and fecal matter on the walls and floor.


The game also has big bosses for you to take on once you manage to find them among the planet’s labyrinthine structure. What’s clear is that this is a game that aims to make you feel vulnerable while simultaneously encouraging you to keep moving forward to see what else you can find.


Environmental Station Alpha will be released for Windows shortly, presumably after it has been Greenlit for release on Steam, so throw your votes at it if you want to check it out.


Check out the game’s website for more information, the demo download, and a couple of gifs that illustrate the game’s feel once it’s in motion.

Chris Priestman