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Check Out Getsuei Academy’s Groundhog Day Murder Mystery


Fancy re-living your first day at school over and over and over again? Why not add dying at the end of the day to the top of things to help cement the memories? Arc System Work’s has released a full video trailer for upcoming horror/mystery visual novel game Getsuei Academy. Seeing as how the novel was written by voice actor Tomokazu Sugita, Arc’s Blazblue fighting game’s Ragna the Bloodedge, and Arc’s recent forays into visual novel territory made it no surprise.



The story is appropriately creepy: As Hiroshi Toyama, he has transferred back to Getsuei Academy to protect his grandparents from his own parents. Warned that there are “ghosts” that will eat men after class on his first day, he shrugs it off, only to truly encounter the “Hazard” – a monstrous being, all claws and sharp teeth and no eyes. Fellow student Eri Mitsuki appears to save him… or so he thinks. Instead, he was immediately killed by her, with his last vision one of her as he collapses to the ground.


The next morning, he awakens to discover himself still alive, but that time has reversed itself to yesterday – his first day of transfer. How will he escape the time loop and live to find the truth behind the “Hazard” and the time travels of Getsuei Academy? What is Eri’s connection to the demons?


Why does he see her standing over slaughtered classmates? What are his friends in the student council really up to with their secret, almost magical powers? The video suggests that Hiroshi will eventually be able to somehow team up with each (or even all) of the student council members – and it is up to players to understand how it all fits together.


The video also reveals the limited edition version’s goodies: A drama CD, original soundtrack, art book and special box cover to house everything.




Getsuei Academy will be released for Sony’s PlayStation Vita on the 10th of October.