Check Out The Original Digital Monster Device’s Upgrades In 20th Anniversary Edition



Bandai Namco is celebrating the Digimon series’ 20th anniversary by rereleasing the original Digital Monster virtual pet device with a few added upgrades. Here’s a look at what’s new in the throwback device.


Here’s a video that 4Gamer recently shared:

By pressing the bottom button, you’re able to switch between Digimon, or even have them both appear on the screen, a new feature for the 20th anniversary model. This allows you to let your Digimon buddies eat, train, and sleep together at the same time.


In the battle modes there’s a new option to pick between “Single” and “Tag,” Battles consist of input timing for one part and button mashing for the other to increase strength.


As previously detailed, you’ll get to raise certain Digimon and have them Digivolve all the way up tot heir Ultimate stages upon meeting certain conditions. You’ll even get to fuse Digimon to create the strongest possible Digimon.


Additionally, they’ve sped up the time it takes for Digimon to grow in the 20th anniversary version. For example, what took an hour in the original 1997 Digital Monster device only takes 10 minutes. What was two days before is now 6 hours, four days is now 24 hours, and so on.


The first wave of pre-orders for the June releases ended last month, but the second batch will accept pre-orders here until March 27, and they’ll release sometime this July in Japan for 3,500 yen for either the Original Brown or Original Gray versions. Read more about it in our earlier report.

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