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Check out 18 Minutes of Zenless Zone Zero Gameplay

Genshin Impact developer HoYoVerse showed off more from its latest project, Zenless Zone Zero, during its TGS 2022 Special Program livestream. The game last received a trailer to promote the beginning of its closed “Tuning Test” period. This latest Zenless Zone Zero gameplay trailer is the longest one yet, clocking in at over 18 minutes of story, combat, and exploration in the world of New Eridu.

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Check it out below. English subtitles are available via the closed captions.

The Zenless Zone Zero gameplay trailer opens with Wise (voiced Atsushi Abe) and Belle (voiced by Sayaka Sembongi) bringing home some stock for their video store, Random Play. Random Play is also a cover business for their job as Proxies, people who enter the dangerous areas known as the Hollows. Meeting a customer outside the shop, Wise forgoes taking the job to chase down Belle, meeting with the owners of neighboring shops, and petting a nearby cat. Wise picks up some ramen from General Chop’s stall (complete with an elaborate prep animation), and runs into a police blockade sealing off an area threatened by the Hollow. Thwarted, Wise consults Fairy, a management system, to contact assistance. Cut to the Cunning Hares, a group of Proxies consisting of Anby, Billy, and Nicole.

The scene transitions to the Hollow zone, showcasing Zenless Zone Zero combat gameplay. The system appears to be outwardly similar to that used by Honkai Impact 3rd, with an emphasis on three-character teams fighting in relatively closed arenas, rapid character-switching, and flashy combos. The button prompts match an Xbox controller’s, though only PC and mobile platforms are confirmed for the game at this time. Though Cunning Hares clears the area, Belle is nowhere to be found. More investigation narrows her location, and another Proxy team is called in: Belobog Heavy Industries. Made up of Ben, Anton, and Koleda, the Belobog trio fight a large boss made out of a construction robot. Belle is saved once the boss is dispatched.

Zenless Zone Zero is in development, without a firm release window at this time. It’s headed for PC and mobile devices.

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