Check Out An M vs. Ria Phantom Breaker Intermediate Play Video

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Today is June 3rd, which means Phantom Breaker released in Japan earlier in the week. 5pb also had a new demo scheduled to go up on the Japanese Xbox Live. Famitsu put a few new videos of the game up this week, with the notable difference being that these are recording of intermediate-level players. Here’s one of M vs. Ria:

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See the “Quick” and “Hard” options? Those are the two styles fighters use. The Quick style is more focused on dodging, while Hard emphasizes blocking. Phantom Breaker has three main attacks: weak, medium and strong. By using smart timing, you can also use attacks that repel the enemy’s attack or interrupt their combos.


You can use the Burst Gauge to activate three different special attacks. Overburst allows you to either stop the opponent in their tracks and pummel them to the ground, or to gain temporary invincibility so you can strike at the opponent to your heart’s content, depending on the style you use (Quick or Hard). You also have the ultimate attack — Critical Burst — that absolutely decimates your opponent’s HP.


You can view the other two intermediate play videos over at Famitsu. They’re of Ren vs. Cocoa and Waka vs. Cocoa.


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