Check Out Over My Dead Body 2 Shows Off Its Unique Art Style In A New Trailer

While Fire Emblem and Record of Agarest War may be more familiar to Western gamers as games where you have your own children, there’s another game with that general premise hiding around the corner: Over my Dead Body 2. The sequel to the cult PSOne game (It had a PSP remake as well) now has a proper gameplay trailer showing off its battle system and generations-spanning system.

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In Over my Dead Body 2, players have to manage a family cursed by a demon to live only two years, with the goal to eventually slay the demon and lift the curse. The 3D sequel keeps to its role-playing roots, with multiple classes such as archers and so forth for characters to take on. The game keeps to its very Japanese-styled graphics and art effects–utilizing a lot of wood block print styles that keep its roots front and center.


Players will have to manage their children carefully, training them up to pass on ever-more powerful skills and weaponry – such as the video’s bow firing arrows of light, which in turn become a shower of arrows on foes. Battles look like you’ll be able to see foes on the map to engage against–allowing players to prep up their party and fight when they’re ready.



Item drops after battle remind us a little bit of the PayDay 2 system where players get to randomly select a prize–except with more angst when you just miss a hoped for reward. You can also touch the camera button to get a snapshot of whatever’s going on on-screen and then post it to what appears to be Twitter. For those with Facebook friends who keep posting pictures of their kids, that’s a way for Over my Dead Body gamers to quickly share screenshots of their new(est) child to the world over.


4Gamer recently had an interview with its director Shoji Masuda, which we reported on here, and the game is slated for a 2014 summer release on Sony’s PlayStation Vita.

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