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Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto And Others Take On Tigrex In Monster Hunter 4


In the latest episode of MonHun Radio, Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto teams up with his assistant Moe Fukuda along with Japanese celebrity Yoshinori Okada, who happens to be a huge Monster Hunter fan!


The theme? Monster Hunter 4.


At the start of the video, they discuss the new content such as the new weapons we’ll be seeing in Monster Hunter 4. Actor Yoshinori Okada reveals that he actually got a role in doing one of the optional character voices for Monster Hunter 4 after a long time of begging. (He’s the 4th male voice option.) You can watch the entire video below, or read the summary below the video first:



The action starts at the 13:20 mark of the video, where they chose to go with the Tigrex fight. The version they’re playing is the same playable demo that was shown at last year’s Tokyo Game Show. They went with Greatsword, Hammer and Hunting Horn as their weapons of choice.


The three start out the quest on a light note, as they enjoy some laughs while fishing. Unfortunately, their good times were short-lived, once they encounter the terrifying Tigrex.


Okada was eager to try out the jump attack. After missing the first time, he says the feel of the jump attack is pretty natural, but at the same time, requires timing. On his second try, he successfully managed to knock the Tigrex down. While jump attacks may be an effective way to fight raging monsters, they will also go berserk more often in this state, making it quite difficult to stay on their backs.


After taking several beatings from the raging beast, they managed to take Tigrex down… or so they think. Tigrex then comes back, in full rage-mode with an additional Wyvern Virus mode to top it off.


Ultimately, they run out of time and fail the quest. Perhaps the time spent fishing wasn’t a great idea!


To conclude the episode, they shared their thoughts on their fight against Tigrex. The feature that stood out the most was the jump attack, which Tsujimoto added requires practice to get comfortable with. This goes especially for the part where you’re on the monster’s back, which will require you to think and act calmly, which could be pretty tough when you’re on top of Tigrex going berserk.


As an extra bonus for viewers, Tsujimoto also shares a sneak peek for a brand new trailer that can be seen at the 30:30 mark of the video. Check it out to see the Insect Staff and Charge Axe in full action.


Monster Hunter 4 is slated to be released this summer in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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