Children of Morta Brings Roguelike Hack ‘N’ Slash Fun For The Whole Family



Developer Dead Mage has released an impressive trailer for its dark fantasy roguelike hack ‘n’ slash game Children of Morta.


It follows the adventures of the Bergsons Family, who are the guardians of Mount Morta which, judging by the trailer, is often invaded by evil spirits, bandits, and disgusting creatures.


You can also see in the trailer that the different Bergsons children have different fighting styles, such as one that carries sword and shield, and another that uses bow and arrow. Both are agile, using dodges and rolls to avoid projectiles, and interestingly, it seems that a two-play co-op mode is shown off, too.



Aside from fighting through dingy dungeons, the trailer also suggests that we’ll be onlookers to the drama that ensues inside the Bergsons household. Passionate arguments, an 18th birthday party, square dancing, and crafting new sword and brewing potions are all shown.


Little else has been said about Children of Morta so far, but the trailer does show that it will have exemplary pixel art and animations.


What is confirmed is that the game will be coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux whenever it is finished and ready to release. Look out for updates on its website.

Chris Priestman