Chinese 2D Action Game The Vagrant Thrusts A Deadly Spear At Kickstarter

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Chinese studio OTK Games has put its 2D action game The Vagrant on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. It takes inspiration from and is intended to play a bit like Oboro Muramasa and Castlevania X. The plan is to bring it to Windows, Mac, and Linux in late 2016.


Most of what is known about The Vagrant so far is displayed in the video above. In short, it contains three playable characters, each with their own stories and fighting styles that are yet to be detailed. You can further differentiate the characters by changing their weapon’s abilities by infusing them with runes, while ores given to the blacksmith will improve its strengths.


The game also has a cooking system so that you can raise your maximum HP by collecting ingredients to cook special meals. You can hunt ingredients in the wild or, if you have enough Gold, can pay to hunt at farms. Gold is also used to purchase other services and items. The game’s other currency type is Mana, which is used to acquire new skills and special moves. There also secret shops to be found that trade Mana for special items.


The Vagrant’s world consists of four regions with over 100 levels to beat across them. There will be at least 20 different types of creature in each region with multiple bosses to defeat as well, with over 100 different enemy types in total.


OTK Games is looking for £20,000 on Kickstarter to fund the game to completion. For £10 ($15) you can get a copy of the game on PC but if you’re quick there’s an early bird deal at £7 ($10).

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