CHKN Lets You Create The Weirdest-Looking Creatures

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There’s no shortage of block-based sandbox games these days but CHKN manages to stand out among them. Why? Have a look at the bizarre creatures it lets you create.


The game’s blocks are tied to animals, meaning you get giraffe blocks, chicken blocks, dog blocks, snake blocks, and so on to build with. But you can mix and match these as much as you’d like.

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The animal a block is tied to doesn’t just give it a certain skin pattern either. Each block adds a part of that animal’s personality to the creature you end up making.


It’s then your mission to try to form a bond with your abomination and that requires you getting to know how it’ll react to different parts of the environment and behaviors. A bonded creature will then learn things from you and will pass these traits onto its offspring.

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Further than this, your overall goal is to restore symbiosis to a planet that has been desecrated by poachers. This is why you need to create an ecosystem of creatures and also fend off the poachers themselves.


You can currently play an alpha version of CHKN on its website. It’s also available to vote for on Steam Greenlight.

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