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Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! Gets A Lot More Friends (As DLC)




    People have a chance to make more friends in Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! by paying for them. An array of add-ons has arrived in the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store. There are 13 different Buddy Chocobos to choose from, each one costing $1.99.


    Each Buddy Chocobo DLC character holds a job that players can unlock for Chocobo while playing the game. This means you could have access to their abilities while dungeon crawling. The 13 available are as follows:

    • Buddy Chocobo Beastmaster
    • Buddy Chocobo Black Mage
    • Buddy Chocobo Dancer
    • Buddy Chocobo Dark Knight
    • Buddy Chocobo Dragoon
    • Buddy Chocobo Freelancer
    • Buddy Chocobo Knight
    • Buddy Chocobo Machinist
    • Buddy Chocobo Ninja
    • Buddy Chocobo Red Mage
    • Buddy Chocobo Scholar
    • Buddy Chocobo Thief
    • Buddy Chocobo White Mage


    This group of DLC release also seems to wipe the slate clean, when it comes to exclusive add-ons. When the game first launched, the Buddy Chocobo Machinist was a Nintendo Switch exclusive and the Buddy Chocobo Beastmaster was only for the PlayStation 4 version. However, PlayStation 4 owners can now get the Machinist for $1.99, while the eShop has the Beastmaster in it.


    Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! is available for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

    Jenni Lada
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