Choice Chamber Is A “Crowd-Sourced” Platformer Played Over Livestream


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Studio Bean has put its “crowd-sourced” platformer Choice Chamber up on Steam Greenlight.


What’s unique about Choice Chamber is that it’s designed to be livestreamed. As the person plays, those watching over livestream are able to change the levels, obstacles, power-ups, and even the rules from within the chat. Apparently, one of the most fun parts of the whole platforming performance is being able to guilt trip your viewers for making the game too hard and leading to your demise.


So, technically, there are no limits on how many people can join in with Choice Chamber – anyone can hop in chat and partake. And if you’re not someone who is into livestreaming then there is an offline single-player mode in which the computer procedurally generates the game.



Choice Chamber was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year. It has also been funded by Twitch itself and, as such, it easily integrates with your Twitch account.


Studio Bean notes that the final version of Choice Chamber will be cheaper than the current pre-order prices that sit at $15 and $30. Check out Choice Chamber’s website for more information.

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