Choices Affect The Story & Character Of Virgo Vs The Zodiac’s Villainous Protagonist

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Players’ choice of actions in exploration, conversation, and combat will place them somewhere upon the Zodiac Qualities System, a three-part, color divided system that will decide Virgo’s personality and story in RPG Virgo Vs The Zodiac.

Player interactions are all divided into three styles (Fixed, Mutable, Cardinal), with colors assigned to actions based around these three segments of the Zodiac Qualities System (Fixed is red, Mutable is green, Cardinal is purple). As players make choices in conversation, or take actions that show a similar color, they will slowly create a personality for Virgo that will decide how her narrative plays out, as well as how certain NPCs receive her.

This personality will have a direct effect on combat, as battle classes are tied to certain Zodiac Qualities, although no build will be outright locked out based on the chosen personality. Each power she uses in combat, and each enemy fights, are tied to these Zodiac Qualities as well, with enemies of set colors using attacks of that Zodiac Quality class, allowing players to predict, to an extent, some of the powers they may use.


Virgo Vs the Zodiac’s combat features no random battles, only offering challenging story fights for players to overcome. Players will be expected to use various timing based attacks, combos that chain into other abilities, smart use of shields that guard against specific types of attacks (and then immediately countering them), and utilizing the right equipment (combat abilities are tied to certain pieces of gear) in order to defeat the game’s tough enemies. The developer promises that each fight can end Virgo’s quest, so extreme care and planning will be needed to win.

In keeping with the game’s elements of choice, it will be entirely possible to spare some of the heretics Virgo fights during turn-based combat. This will also have an effect on the story and her personality/placement on the Zodiac Qualities System.

Virgo Vs the Zodiac is currently raising development funding on Fig.

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