Choose Magic Or Science To Fuel Your Abilities In Tactical RPG Eden’s Last Sunrise

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A spacefaring foe means to force the people into becoming part of a mechanical hive mind, forcing the forces of science and those of magic to join forces despite their grudges in tactical RPG Eden’s Last Sunrise.


Players will choose from either the science or magic faction, gaining different powers depending on which side they work for. Players will also be in charge of designing their commander unit, giving them abilities in combat as well as personality aspects that will dictate how they can interact with other characters in the game’s world. Depending on their personality and how they interact with some characters, they’ll also be able to unlock special bits of storyline involving those people.

Players can make some creative choices with their weapons in preparation for the game’s isometric combat. Various weapon buffs can be used to infuse weapons with healing, magic, or technological properties that can make a big difference during their turn.


Eden’s Last Sunrise is currently raising development funding on Kickstarter. It is projected to release in two years, but a demo is available now on

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