Choose War Or Revolution To Overthrow Your Enemies In This Adventure Game



Players can choose to fight an all-out war against their enemies, inspire the people to rise up against the witches that have overtaken them, or work work to make their enemies turn on each other in top-down action adventure Guardians of the Rose.




Guardians of the Rose sets players free to explore its open worlds, fighting monsters in its Legend of Zelda-inspired combat while finding secrets and hidden artifacts. Players can also grow their character through the game’s RPG elements.




The player’s actions carry an importance as they play the game. Players are trying to start a revolution against a group of witches that have overtaken the land, doing so with a small band of followers. Depending on what actions they take, they can find themselves on the run from guards and bounty hunters, leading the people to war, or fighting all on their own.




Guardians of the Rose is currently seeking development funding through Kickstarter.

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