Chrono Cross Composer Yasunori Mitsuda Teases New Project

Yasunori Mitsuda New Project

In a message to fans, popular video game soundtrack composer Yasunori Mitsuda teases a new project reveal coming soon. Mitsuda notes that the project will likely be announced sometime next month, in February 2022. Furthermore, the new announcement will be “the first announcement,” possibly hinting at multiple announcements in the near future. It’s unconfirmed whether Yasunori Mitsuda’s new project will be a video game or something music-related.

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Mitsuda thanked fans for wishing him a happy birthday. While he lamented that he was unable to respond to each person’s message, he stated that he will respond in kindness via his work. Specifically, Mitsuda said that “if they are fast enough (or if they are lucky),” the first announcement will happen in February. Interestingly, this is not the first time Mitsuda has teased a major announcement in a similar fashion.

Yasunori Mitsuda is a popular composer who has worked on the Chrono series of games, as well as Xenogears and Another Eden. Mitsuda worked at Square until 1998, when he became a freelance composer and started his own music production studio. Since then, Mitsuda has worked on games like Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He has also contributed compositions to anime soundtracks, such as for the Black Butler and Inazuma Eleven series.

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