Chrono Magia Details Its Game Modes And Card Battles



Chrono Magia, the new competitive card game from GungHo and Puzzle & Dragons producer Daisuke Yamamoto, recently had details revealed about what game modes will be available, as well some of the game systems. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


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The game has different types of cards, such as knights, dragons, and magic. Players choose from over 10 Magia Users, and create a deck from over 200 Creature and Magic cards. Each Magia User has one personal Magia Skill, but players can mix and other Magia Skill slots to match their deck.


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Magia Skills can be activated on any timing on any summoned creature, and Magia Skills can be swapped in and out through the Skill Customize feature. The gameplay also has a Level Up Summon system, where if you overlay a Creature card on top of another to summon it, the newly summoned Creature will have higher Life and Attack.


Apart from Practice Battles, Chrono Magia has Story Battles, a single player mode which follows four different Magia Users. For online battles, there are Free Matches, Friend Matches, and Ranking Matches, which will have worldwide servers.


Chrono Magia launches in Japan in Spring 2018 for iOS and Android. There are also plans for it to release overseas, starting with North America.

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