Chrono Magia Introduces The Various Magia Users That Command Player Decks

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GungHo recently shared more information about Chrono Magia, showing off the various Magia Users who players choose from. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Karin Shindou (CV: Yumari Hanamori)

chrono magia chara1

The successor to a tribe of the Tsukuyomi region. She is looking for her missing father.


Zeta (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara)

chrono magia chara2

A genius archaeologist. As both of his parents were also archaeologists, he’s been uncovering and studying ruins since his childhood.


Elena Brilliant (CV: Ayane Sakura)

chrono magia chara3

The esteemed daughter from a Russian conglomerate. While she is harsh in her words, she’s very kind, which can be seen by the love she showers onto her pet cat.


Riser (CV: Kentaro Tone)

chrono magia chara4

Riser is a wartiger, meaning half beastman and human. He has been shunned and as such, hates his bloodline.


Honoka Shindou (CV: Yukiyo Fujii)

chrono magia chara6


Leo Bloomfield (CV: Ayumu Murase)

chrono magia chara7


Previously, we reported on the different game modes and systems available here. Chrono Magia launches in Japan in Spring 2018 for iOS and Android. There are also plans for it to release overseas, starting with North America.

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