Chrono Trigger Remake To See Fruition? Mehbeh.


crono.gifC3 (or Cubed 3) recently posted the entire transcript of their interview with Square-Enix VP Hiromichi Tanaka. Some of you may remember hearing about this interview a while back where it was hinted that a Chrono Trigger remake was plausible yet never likely to happen, with the tone suggesting the series is forever remained to be dormant. After reading the entire interview, Tanaka’s tone towards a Chrono Trigger remake or even a sequel seems to imply something a bit different. Quote:


"AR: *Ahem* Recently Chrono Cross was mentioned in an interview with you and you stated there would not be a sequel to Chrono Cross because it would be too difficult to get the original team together again…? Does this rule out any possibility for the Chrono series in the future at all? Because Nintendo fans are always asking about a Chrono Trigger remake…


HT: There’s still a possibility, but since the main director is not working for Square Enix now – he’s working on other titles in a different company, Namco Bandai, it’s a bit difficult to ask him to come back and be the head of a team again. And also, Kato-san is working on the fourth game in the Mana series. So there’s still a possibility that he might think he might want to make it again…"


Emphasis on there’s still a possibility.


Since Masato Kato was the original story planner/scenario writer behind Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, it may be possible for a Chrono Trigger remake/sequel to actually see fruition. Of course, an official announcement is much better than a rumor. It’s a shame Chrono Cross gets such a bad reputation. It truly is a wonderful game and does serve as a worthy sequel (even though its considered more of a stand alone new entry in the Chrono series) to Chrono Trigger…as with some things, it just takes a little digging to see.


Here’s hoping Chrono Trigger does see a remake or sequel.