Chrono Trigger Update On PC Improves Battle UI, Character Graphics, And Animated Scenes



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After launching Chrono Trigger with a myriad of problems, Square Enix promised to fix it with a number of patches and they delivered the first one last month, and the second one today.


Here are the patch notes from Square Enix:

  • Updates to Battle UI: Changes have been made to the screen layout and control input to provide a better play experience for players using a gamepad or keyboard during battle. Players can now choose between a game UI that’s better-optimized for gamepad and keyboard, or touch displays and mouse in the game’s Settings menu.


  • Character Graphics Changes: Character sprites on the world map have been adjusted to improve the look of the classic pixel art.


  • Updated Animated Cut-Scenes: The resolution of the animated cut-scenes has been improved, along with the display size of these scenes also being enlarged.


  • A variety of additional changes including fixes to Korean text, improvements to game controls, a new pause function during battles, bug fixes and more.


Square Enix will release a third patch for Chrono Trigger in early June, which will include further improvements to the screen layout, enhancements to the controls, and more.


Chrono Trigger first released in 1995 for Super Famicom/Super Nintendo. The classic RPG is also available on PlayStation, Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, and PC via Steam.

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