Chronotopia – A Dark Visual Novel Of French Fairy Tale Donkeyskin



Chronotopia is a darker retelling of French fairy tale Donkeyskin, a story in which a widowed king demands to marry his daughter. Playing as that princess, Kionna, players will have to find away to avoid this fate, with success or failure hinging on their every decision.




Chronotopia, slated to release sometime in 2017, offers several different ways of escaping the imposed marriage. Depending on what the player chooses to do, they can escape, shift to become like the Kionna’s fairy godmother, or meet unfortunate, deadly ends. The player can also make allies or enemies of the many characters that roam her father’s castle, so players will need to be careful in their dealings with everyone they meet.




A demo for Chronotopia is available through, and if players enjoy it, they can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight or donate to its Kickstarter campaign.

Alistair Wong
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