Chuchel Aims To Crack Players Up With Ridiculous Cherry-Thieving Puzzles


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Piloting robots, tricking big monsters, cracking giant eggs, and shooting down goofy creatures in balloons is all a part of the silly puzzles of Chuchel, a game about helping goofy creatures steal delicious cherries. 


Chuchel offers a variety of different puzzles, creatures, and situations for the player to figure out, with each of the game’s puzzles tasking them with figuring out how its elements work together and how to make them finally release the item the Chuchel loves.

These puzzling situations are made more fun with the game’s vibrant animation style, offering many different, bouncy movements and actions for each of the creatures within it. These cartoonish creatures aim to offer many laughs through their goofy actions, as well as take players through a nostalgia trip by drawing from various classic games for inspirations for some puzzles.


Chuchel is available now on Steam and GOG.

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