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Chunsoft Blog: 999 Japanese Character Ranking – #2


Now it’s time to see who came in 2nd.
Can our heroine still make the top spot?


It’s June.

Oh no! Looks like the heroine ended up in 2nd place!

June: Oh no… I’m the heroine… How could this happen?


It was awfully close, but she ended up in 2nd place.

She is very pretty, though.


These are sketches of June’s different expressions.

As you can see, they’re all perfectly adorable, as befits a heroine.



These are some rough sketches for her initial design.

The one on the left (the 1st idea) eventually became the final version.

According to Kinu Nishimura, June helped to start the “Mori Girl” trend*.

Next is 1st place… (Although we all already know who it is.)


*”Mori girl” is a Japanese slang term for a style of dress that emphasizes soft, calming, relaxing clothes. It’s an actual clothing trend in Japan, but June did not start it—she just fits the stereotype of what that sort of girl is supposed to be like.


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