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Chunsoft Blog: 999 Japanese Character Ranking – #4


< Spencer’s note: As a treat for fans of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors we’re going to countdown the most popular characters in Japan. These blogs from Chunsoft have *major spoilers* so you may want to avoid reading them until after you complete the game… twice. Check back everyday to see sketches, concept art, and comments from Chunsoft. Also, Aksys is hosting their own character ranking poll for North America. Vote for your favorite character here.>


At last, we’ve come to the top 4 characters.






He’s the highest-ranked male character, but he’s only at number 4…


Normal, Smiling, Unspeakably amazed, Suggesting, Hurrying/Frightened/Astonished,

Worried, Sad, Furious

These are sketches of Snake’s various expressions.

For certain reasons, he’s not in the game as much as some other characters, but we still have lots of drawings of his expressions.



Here are some rough sketches of our initial designs. As you can see, it says “Santa.”

In the initial development stage, “Santa” was “Snake,” and “Snake” was “Santa.”

Even though Snake is blind in the game, he wasn’t in the original development stage.


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