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Chunsoft Blog: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors The Untold Story


< Spencer’s note: Before you read any further, here’s a heads up this blog and mini-interview that follows has *major spoilers*. If you thought the character blogs said to much this delves even deeper. So go back and complete Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors twice… maybe three times before scrolling down. >


Have any of you reading this blog played the game yet?

Today we are here with some information from producer Jiro Ishii and writer/director Kotarou Uchikoshi.


[999 Development Untold Story]

Ishii: The initial idea was of a boy and a girl handcuffed to one another, trying to escape.



(An early illustration from the initial development stage. Never before seen!)


I liked this idea, but a number of people told me it was overused, so we threw it out. Eventually we got to the current version of the “Nonary Game.” Later, Kinu Nishimura was assigned as the character designer and I was looking through some of her earlier titles… There was one called Mahou Shoujo Riska with a boy and girl handcuffed to one another on the cover of it. As soon as I saw that, I was glad we hadn’t gone with the initial idea.


Uchikoshi: I’ve mentioned before that when we were at Shuukakusai* I had to deal with a few difficult political things. The final game features tiny bombs in each character’s stomach, but in our original story, the bracelets themselves blew up, and the RED (Recognition Device) that opened the door identified each character by their fingerprint…




Well, you know what I’m implying here by now, right? Hands were going to be a very important part of the story. In the last stages of production, though, that was decreed unacceptable, and so I had to re-write the entire story… When I re-wrote it, though, a number of things ended up coming together very nicely. I guess I got lucky with that. Ha ha ha.


*Apparently an event Chunsoft and Spike held, where a number of guests got a chance to play some of their games. Held in Tokyo on Nov. 29, 2009.


[Comments on the finished title]

Ishii: There are so many event images, and the standing images of the characters are animated and move around quite a bit. To me, it seems a little over-the-top for a DS adventure title. Of course, that’s rather typical of Chunsoft… By the way, Clover’s jumping animation is apparently in slow motion… Perhaps because the gravity is lower wherever she is? Is she on the moon, perhaps? Maybe I’m suspicious because Uchikoshi’s stories always have such strange twists.


Uchikoshi: I’m proud to present this high-quality title as Chunsoft’s newest adventure game. It turned out so well because of all the support we got from everyone on our staff. Thank you all very much for your support! I really appreciate it!


[Favorite characters and reasons therefore]

Ishii: Definitely June. I love straight-forward heroines. I also like that she loves dirty jokes. Although…perhaps there are a few too many dirty jokes in the game.




Uchikoshi: Zero. I don’t need any reasons because this is Zero we’re talking about.




[Message to users]

Ishii: This is a very Chunsoft- and Uchikoshi-like title. We’re really proud of this title, so please give a shot. Even fans of Kamaitachi no Yoru and 428 should enjoy it.


Uchikoshi: Actually, there’s something very important hidden throughout the entire game. If you figure out what, make sure to write “Spoilers!” when you talk about it online. I tried to make a game that people would want to talk about, even after they finished it. The ending wraps everything up pretty well, but there are some things that are still left unanswered, if you look carefully. You can discuss those things with your friends and other people on the internet.