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Ciel noSurge Offline Adds All DLC Episodes, More Events, And Costumes



Gust recently announced the upcoming ports for Ar noSurge along with Ciel noSurge Offline, an offline version of the Vita game that has been reprogrammed from scratch. The official website shares more on what else is new with the game.


2014-07-01_025524 2014-07-01_025537

Ciel noSurge Offline features all twelve episode volumes, along with all the talk, and scenario packs that were originally separate downloadable content packs for Ciel noSurge. Altogether, there is a total of 40 different DLCs for the game.


2014-07-01_025953 2014-07-01_030011


If you’re wondering about costumes, Ciel noSurge Offline has them all, in addition to some brand new outfits.


2014-07-01_030234 2014-07-01_030247

Ciel noSurge Offline also adds over 10 new seasonal events, new daily events with Ion, and other new fully-voiced events.


2014-07-01_030532 2014-07-01_030546

The menu has also been upgraded with a few new options. One lets you speed through time by spending Hymp. You can also call out Ion to enjoy meals with her, and also another option that lets you put together a combination of words to talk about your day with Ion.


Ciel noSurge Offline is slated for release on October 2, 2014 for PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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