Nintendo 3DS

Circle Entertainment Announces They’re Bringing Mercenaries Saga 3 Westward



Mercenaries Saga 3, a strategy RPG being published by Circle Entertainment, was recently announced to be releasing in the Japanese Nintendo 3DS eShop on October 5th. The title features a style and gameplay which may be enjoyed by fans of Final Fantasy Tactics.


Additionally, Circle announced on their official Twitter account that the game is being localized and the English version is being submitted to Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe in the near future.


A few other games published by Circle are headed to the Nintendo eShops as well, including Mr. Pumpkin Adventure for the Wii U, Fairune 2 for the Nintendo 3DS, and ASH in Europe’s 3DS shop.


Mercenaries Saga 3 will release in Japan on October 5th.