City Building & Sidescrolling Action Will Save The Dwarven Race Of Regions Of Ruin

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Dwarves are struggling to survive, their race on the brink of extinction. With the player’s help and strength, though, they can find their missing warriors and bring them back to fight, rebuild their cities, and lay waste to the orcs that meant to wipe them out in sidescrolling action RPG Regions Of Ruin.


Players will control a lone dwarf warrior in Regions Of Ruin, collecting weapons, armor, and equipment across the countryside to use in their fight against orcs and other fantasy foes. Players will be able to choose their attacks and defenses from a skill tree as they defeat more enemies, steadily building up their chosen type of warrior from many different possibilities. They don’t need to be afraid of building too one-sided a fighter, though, as they can hire mercenaries with various skills to back them up in a fight.

When not out collecting goods and clobbering monsters, players can work on rebuilding the dwarf cities, choosing from many different structures to rebuild. They will also periodically find missing dwarves who’ve been captured while out wandering the game’s large, hand-crafted open world, and these dwarves will return to the town to help out. These folks can also be put to work in cleared areas of the map, collecting resources the player can use to improve the city as well.


Regions Of Ruin is available in an Early Access state from Steam,, and the Humble Store.

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