Be A City-Crushing Beast Or The Forces That Stop It In Super Man Or Monster


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Super Man Or Monster lets players try out both sides of a huge monster attack, with one player controlling the colossal beast and using it to stomp a city, and the other using the ships, jets, tanks, and military machines meant to stop it.


Super Man Or Monster gives players an array of different monsters they can control, with many giant creatures available to be used as they crush thirty different cities from around the world. Each of these beasts has their own breath weapons, body slams, and other attacks that will let them lay waste to buildings and opposing forces. Likewise, the player looking to save the city has access to all kinds of jet packs, helicopters, tanks, and more, which the player can directly pilot to strike back at the monster.

Super Man Or Monster offers a local multiplayer split-screen mode for players who wish to battle their friends, or both sides can be played in singleplayer for those who wish to fight alone. Doing well against foes will let players unlock several different military units, attacks, and monsters as they play, continually offering new ways to add to the voxel-based mayhem.


Super Man Or Monster is available now on Steam.

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