Classic Beat ‘Em Up Series Golden Axe Is Getting A Stage Play In Japan


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The classic Sega beat ‘em up series Golden Axe is getting a stage play that will be produced by Spiral Chariots. This is the second Sega game-based play by Spiral Chariots, who previously did Rent a Hero. The play will debut at Tsukiji Hongan-ji Buddhist Hall on December 19, and will run until December 24, 2018. [Thanks, Bahamut!]



Once upon a time, there was an evil being named Death Adder. Three warriors who lost their families thanks to Death Adder’s invasion: Ax, Tyris, and Gilius, worked together and made their way to Death Adder’s castle, retrieving the legendary Golden Axe from his possession and defeating him.

It has been ten years since. Learning from his prior experiences with the Golden Axe, Gilius sets out on a journey to return the axe to the gods, so that it may never be misused again. However, a fierce storm brews up, and he loses the Golden Axe. While in search for the Axe, an encounter with an Ego el Sheep in the kingdom of Splash Hill informs him that the Death Adder army has been resurrected, and is plaguing the land.

Certain that the Golden Axe is involved, but too old to go fight personally, Gilius summons the bravest warriors of the land, who can help save the world.

Six heroes will rise to the call. And the embers of war over the Golden Axe are about to be set ablaze once more…


It seems that the play will cover an abridged version of Golden Axe’s story (as Ax Battler and Tyris Flare , and then shift to focus on Golden Axe III’s story. The play is written by Spiral Chariots’ Seiji Hattori, who will also play the part of Death Adder.


Here’s the poster for the play below:

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Cast (main characters):

Ax Battler – Kunta Yamasaki

Tyris Flare – Haruka Kohara

Gilius Thunderhead – Shouta Yamada

Kain Grinder – Ryohei Shioguchi

Sara Burn – Minami Kashimura

Proud Cragger – Mio Akaba

Chronos “Evil” Lait – Taiju Nakane

Dora – Chizu Hanasaki

Unrevealed character – Tomoyuki Kiriyama


Golden Axe the stage play will debut in Japan on December 19, 2018.

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