Visual Novel Kanon coming to Steam with English subtitle support
Image courtesy of Key and Visual Arts

Classic Visual Novel Kanon Will Appear on Steam

Visual Arts and Prototype announced that they will release the classic PC visual novel Kanon on Steam. The Japanese companies have also published a Steam page for the title.

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The visual novel will be available with Japanese voiceovers and subtitles in Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese. The Steam version will feature HD-remastered visuals with an almost complete voiceover. Most of the title’s original voice actresses, such as Yui Horie (as Ayu Tsukimiya) and Yukari Tamura (as Mai Kawasumi), will reprise their roles. Meanwhile, Tomokazu Sugita will provide partial voiceovers for the player-controlled protagonist Yuichi Aizawa.

The Steam release does not mean it’s the first time Kanon appears on PC. In fact, PC was the very first platform the visual novel appeared on, since the times when physical disc drives were still commonplace. Visual Arts first released Kanon as an R-18 title in June 1999. It then released the all-ages version for PC in January 2020, which also serves as a basis for all ports to other platforms.

Outside of PC, the visual novel was also released for the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable. It has also since been made available for Android and iOS mobile devices in Japan. In April 2023, Prototype released the Nintendo Switch port of Kanon.

The visual novel Kanon is readily available on Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS as ongoing platforms, and it will also be available on the PC via Steam in the near future.

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