In Clocker, Time Only Moves For The Characters When You Want It To


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After a watch repairman breaks a strange pocket watch, he finds time has frozen around him. Able to move around and reactivate time’s effects on objects in short bursts, he’ll need to use this power to solve puzzles and keep his daughter safe in Clocker.


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Players can activate time for many different objects in varied situations. Each of these moments is a puzzle that can be solved in several ways by using activated objects, positioning them or using them in creative ways. Also, reactivating time for something gives it back its bright colors, as objects frozen in time are shown in black and white.


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Players will also act as his daughter, Alice, who exists in the world where time isn’t frozen. She will see the actions of her father carried out in real time, watching as he fixes things from outside of her world.


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Clocker is on Steam Greenlight with no set release date.

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