Close Out the Genshin Impact Windblume Festival With a Video

genshin impact windblume festival video invitation to windblume

Mondstadt’s Windblume Festival ends on April 5, 2021. However, people might have already unlocked one of the “rewards” from Invitation to Windblume. Part of the storyline involved an animated scene where all of the people you encountered throughout the event questline socialize and enjoy themselves. But now, in case you didn’t manage to get everything done in time, people can catch up with the miHoYo’s “Floral Breeze” Genshin Impact Windblume Festival video.

There were four main quests in Invitation to Windblume. Each of these Acts starred Venti and the player’s efforts to assist him throughout the festival with major tasks. For example, you helped him advise people about love, collect poetry homework, and save Bennett and Razor. While each step included Hero’s Wit, Mora, and Primogems as a reward, Dream of Wind and Flowers closed out with an extra reward, which was showing what everyone else ended up doing after your encounters with them during the Genshin Impact Windblume Festival.

Here’s the Genshin Impact “Floral Breeze: Scenes from Windblume Festival” video.

Genshin Impact is available for the PS4, PC, and mobile devices. The PS5 version will be out in Spring 2021, and the Switch one is in development. The Venti banner is about to end, and the Childe and Rosaria banner will begin on April 6, 2021.

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