The time is here to create and dress up your dream boyfriend. Style Savvy: Trendsetters in Japan received a free update this week that expands upon the Japanese version of the game, including a new Dream Boyfriend mode.


The latest promotional video for the game runs through what the game’s about, with the new modes we’ve mentioned before—such as changes to MC Mode—starting at the 5:20 mark.


For those new to the series though, Style Savvy: Trendsetters (which is also available in English in America) is all about meeting the needs of customers demands for the right styles to dress them up in within the funds they’ve got. You’ll then have to mix and match or find the right answer to emotional hints such as “bold” or “cute” for a successful sale. The game has something like 12, 000 clothes ranging in styles, from gothic lolita Raven Candle to contemporary high class Castellan.



Beyond that, you’ll also be able to dress yourself up, enter fashion contests and modify your personal shop to suit your preferred taste. One of the bigger changes is the change to MC Mode, which lets you better freestyle mix-and-match clothes rather than having to be constrained to a certain theme. The second big one is the “Dream Boyfriend” mode. Here, players can create their own perfect man from top to toe, who’s just waiting to be dressed up in your impeccable style, before taking you out to the perfect date and never complaining.


Style Savvy: Trendsetters is out in the US, but there’s no word yet that this update will head over. Owners of the Japanese version can update the game now on their Nintendo 3DS eShop, while a newer version of the game which includes the additional modes will arrive April 17th in Japan.


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