Cloud, Sephiroth, and Vincent Get Some Charming… Well, Charms

final fantasy 7 jewelry final fantasy vii jewelry

Even more expensive Final Fantasy VII jewelry is on the way. This time, the items are a little more versatile… but they still cost over $130 each. $137.99 charms inspired by Cloud, Sephiroth, and Vincent have been added to the Square Enix Store. Each one will ship in June 2020.

For $137.99, you get a single charm with items connected to the character shown on it. Each one is made of SV925 Silver and has either a real or fake stone in it. In the case of the Cloud and Vincent charms, you get either a blue or red fake stone at the top near the jump ring. The Sephiroth charm has a brown quartz in it. You don’t get a bracelet or necklace to attach any of these items to and must supply your own.

Each piece of Final Fantasy VII jewelry has a different weapon or piece of equipment associated with its respective characters on it. The Cloud charm says “Cloud Strife” below a Buster Sword. Sephiroth’s has his Masamune in front of an angel wing and above his name. The “Vincent Valentine” charm depicts a small scene where you can see his claw and part of his cape in front of the moon.

These join a number of other Final Fantasy VII jewelry pieces. There are two Aerith-inspired necklaces for $147.99 each. Tifa is getting two $147.99 necklaces too.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released on the PlayStation 4 on April 10, 2020. Each Final Fantasy VII charm will appear in June 2020.

Jenni Lada
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