Code Name X Persona mobile game

Code Name X Appears to Be a Persona Mobile Game

Perfect World Entertainment announced that it is working on a mobile game known only as Code Name: X for an unspecified JRPG property, however it appears to be part of the Persona series. Specifically, it seems connected to Persona 5 due to environmental assets, character profiles, and music. The game is still in development and only has a confirmed China release date. [Thanks, ZhugeEX!]

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Though some people on Twitter have expressed their doubts that Code Name X is a Persona mobile game due to Atlus’s silence, Daniel “ZhugeEX” Ahmad did clarify in another Tweet that Perfect World Entertainment confirmed that it is indeed based on Persona. As well, the character profile for “???” uses the terminology “palace of distorted desires.”

You can view the teaser for Code Name X here:

You can pre-register for the game and keep up with new information from the official website. As an aside, the website looks best on mobile. It also does not seem to connect if your VPN is running. So far, there is only information about the two characters from the trailer.

Perfect World Entertainment is a Chinese-based company known for the Perfect World series of MMORPGs. They have also created games for other IPs in the past, such as Neverwinter and Final Fantasy Type-0 Online.

Code Name X is still early in development. Perfect World Entertainment only announced a China release and has not yet officially confirmed on its own channels if this mobile game is based on Persona.

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