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Code of Princess Will Soon Leave the 3DS eShop

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Studio Saizensen’s Code of Princess landed on the Nintendo 3DS in 2012, which Atlus USA published on this side of the pond. It was a modest release, but what made Code of Princess notable was its shared DNA with Sega Saturn brawling classic Guardian Heroes. Studio Saizensen would later hook up with Nicalis, for games like Blade Strangers and an updated port called Code of Princess EX on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately when IP changes hands, older deals run out. Therefore, Atlus USA, now branded Atlus West, has announced that the original Code of Princess is being delisted. Its final day on the Nintendo 3DS eShop is March 31, 2020.

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For the time being, you can still snag Code of Princess from the 3DS eShop for $14.99. If you want a physical copy, you’ll generally be paying around that much for a loose cart and much more if you want the case and all the goodies. Code of Princess EX is readily available for the Switch, of course.

That said, there are significant differences between the two versions. The Switch version is more of a powerhouse, with better performance, HD visuals, co-op, and reworked mechanics. However, Atlus commissioned an English dub for the 3DS version, which didn’t carry over elsewhere. That isn’t a dealbreaker for everyone, but for preservationists and completionists, that could be a noteworthy loss for Nintendo’s digital marketplace.

Code of Princess is available on the Nintendo 3DS, and Code of Princess EX is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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