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Code Of Princess’ Director/Producer Talks With Siliconera



Because Siliconera readers are interested in Code of Princess we reached out to developer Agatsuma Entertainment to find out more about their Nintendo 3DS beat ’em up. Director and Producer Nakajima-san answered our questions about bringing together the Guardian Heroes team back together and how the game’s four playable characters fight.

For everyone who isn’t familiar with it, can you tell us about the Code of Princess universe?


Nakajima, Producer and Director: Code of Princess is an imaginary fantasy world thought up by Nishimura Kinu, who has done lots of game illustrations.


Solange is the only daughter of the king’s clan, who has the CODE, which allows her to use the sacred sword. In this fantasy world, magic exists. The magic people use and the existence of creatures are deeply correlated.


codeart1 What secrets about Solange or the Code of Princess universe can you tell us? Did Nishimura Kinu have any ideas for that weren’t used or an alternate design for Solange?


Solange is the first princess of Lux of the Delaccia. She has a serious personality and is kind to others, but born in the king’s clan, her perspective is different compared to an average citizen.


In a prototype version Solange wore cape. The 2P colored VS version is now under evaluation from Nishimura. Figurines should have 2P colored version where a cape covers her whole body. Right now, it’s only covering part of her body.


How did you bring the original Guardian Heroes team together? It must have been difficult since so many years have passed.


It was not planned that way. When we met them, all the members were there. It was a miracle. They all worked together on the same team with same project. In addition, Nishimura gave us the figurine project, so the project got started.


In some gameplay screenshots and it appears characters can equip items and level up. Can you tell us more about character development?


After completing a quest, players will get experience points. Experience points will allow the character to upgrade. Upgrading will give players different points that allow you to upgrade parameters to have the character designed as they like. To customize attacks, you can use items to set skills, to change of the nature of your attacks.


code4 code2


What makes the four characters different in battle?


Solange is a powerful fighter who uses a big sword and Ally is a trickster who can deal lots of hits with agile moves. Zozoko is a long distance character who shoots magic, and Allegro is all-rounder that fights with instruments, music, and so on. I hope players will have fun using different types of attacks with each character when playing Code of Princess.


Will this group work on other games at Agatsuma Entertainment after Code of Princess?


All the colleagues in this project have CHARACTER, so the outcome of their work is great. On top, since I had great time creating this title with people, I would love to work with them again!




Why did you select 3DS as the platform for Code of Princess and how did you use the system’s new features?


Agatsuma also released kids’ titles. So, to get attention from all age groups, 3DS is the best platform to work on. This title uses a Line Battle System with depth, so 3D is a good way to display it. Code of Princess will not support Streetpass.


While unorthodox, Code of Princess started as a figure and now it’s becoming a video game. Since Agatsuma Entertainment has experience in the toy and game industry do you see this as an emerging trend?


In Japan, there are couple of game projects started from figurines. From now on, games might create from attractive contents, such as figurines, cards, and so on.


Agatsuma Entertainment has been involved with other games too like the Anapanman titles, Drawn to Life, and you also licensed WiiWare game NyxQuest. Do you plan to create more original titles in the future like Code of Princess? What other platforms are Agatsuma planning to work with in the future?


Yes, we are definitely planning to create NEW IPs with games and in depth gameplay. As a creator, I have interest in ALL platforms. So, I would love the challenge of working on other platforms.


The readers on Siliconera are excited about Code of Princess. Do you think we’ll see the game released outside of Japan?


There are lots of fish in the action game world. However, I would like gamers to have fun with the UNIQUE feeling this title has. We are hoping to release the title in western world! Please have fun, when you try this game.

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