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Code: Realize’s Finis Route Explores Peoples’ Purposes


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In the original Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ routes, and even in their supplemental epilogues in the fan disc, we see characters who have different dreams and motivations. We understand why Cardia and her possible bachelors are trying their best. Cardia wants answers about herself and her life, with maybe an opportunity to get rid of the poison that keeps her from connecting with others. But, we do not as much about the motivations of Twilight and its leader, Finis. When he gets his own route in Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~ and Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~, we finally get a chance to know more about the the motivations of both him and Isaac Beckford.


Editor’s note: there will be some Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ spoilers ahead.


Okay, so there are some important family dynamics in play in Code: Realize that come to a head in Finis’ route. Isaac Beckford was a genius scientist who created both Cardia and Finis. Originally, the two were created to replace his deceased children, also named Cardia and Finis. Both are homunculi. Finis is one of many, with clones that can resume and take over when one falls. Cardia’s unique trait is that her Horologium having the ability to do many things. In this particular route, Cardia is key to reviving the deceased Isaac, whose consciousness will go into one of the Finis clones’ bodies. Right off of the bat, this storyline is offering explanations. We know exactly what Cardia and Finis are, get an explanation why Saint-Germain killing Finis did not kill him and have one idea why Isaac created them. Not long after, we find out Twilight’s objective. You wanted answers? This path has answers.


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Once all of those major reveals are out of the way, we get to see what makes Finis tick. Twilight is up to devious things, driven by Finis’ desire to be loved and useful. Isaac always favored Cardia for many reasons. One of which was the fact that she could contain the Horologium and be used to create the Philosopher’s Stone. Finis had an inferiority complex. He’s inherently replaceable, due to the sheer number of clones that exist and transference that occurs when one falls. Isaac will even move his consciousness into Finis’ body. This is someone who, even though he is a leader of an organization, he has spent his entire life seeing himself as disposable. Seeing this issue addressed in this storyline, and how Cardia ends up impacting his life, is part of what makes it compelling.


This means Cardia gets a different role in this route than she did in the other Code: Realize storylines. Finis is basically her brother. This is not a romantic love story. Rather, it is about learning more about her unique family and finding a place within it. She is sussing out her relationships with her absentee father/creator and her sibling. Add in the fact that there are Finis clones, and it can make things more complicated. We see her sort things out and come to realizations about her family and herself as this tale progresses.


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The information we get about Isaac gives us a new sense of perspective and purpose too. Early in Code: Realize routes, it can seem like Cardia provides an idealized view of Isaac. He is the father who promised to return to her. She feels like he loved her. In Finis’ route, he becomes more human, instead of this figurehead. We get to see his successes, his failures and understand what he wants from his children.


Code: Realize’s fan disc gives players the gift of understanding with its Finis storyline. It tells us everything we need to know about Cardia, Finis and their father. Then, we get to see them grow as people and learn to interact with one another. The result is an enlightening story that helps us understand what drives these characters.


Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~ is available for the PlayStation 4, while Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ is available for the PlayStation Vita.

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