Code Vein Creators On Making Their Very Own Dark Souls-Style Game

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Code Vein is often described as an anime-style Dark Souls game, or “Anime Souls,” but the game’s director and producer had more to share on what makes the upcoming action game their unique take on the challenging genre.


Here’s a recent video from IGN Japan with talk from two key developers of Code Vein:


Director Hiroshi Yoshimura starts out by introducing the team as the developers behind the God Eater games and their specialty in making “dramatic action games” and how they decided to use that for their next challenge, where players will take on a scary world alongside a Buddy character.


Producer Keita Iizuka talks about the setting where the vampire-like beings known as the Revenant are trying to survive by sucking blood and how they are looking for a way to live without the need of human blood.


Code Vein is being made to be a difficult dungeon-exploring action game that will have players retry parts over and over again, but they’re also being careful so that players will get to retry with ease and get to the very end.


Yoshimura talks about the Buddy system that plays a big role in the game, and they’ll not only to help out during struggles, but also on an emotional level where you’ll want to continue fighting for their sake. Depending on the actions you take, there will be different endings as well.


The director also talks about Code Vein’s job class system called “Blood Code.” Players have several Blood Codes to choose from and they can be changed at any time. For example, you can level up a warrior-style Blood Code and a wizard-style Blood Code then switch between them accordingly as you see fit. This will also play a role on retrying tough parts, as you might find better results with one Blood Code over another.


The director and producer share plenty of praise for the Dark Souls series, but Yoshimura in particular says Code Vein is his own take on the genre to see if he can make his very own challenging game. He hopes to provide an experience that will allow players to do things they normally can’t do in real life and overcome different obstacles. He hopes to make it into a game that will always be there for you, so that if  you ever have a bad day you can always count on Code Vein to be there and offer some obstacles for you to take on.


Code Vein releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2018. You can check out the game’s latest screenshots, more details on its battle system and character creation in our previous report.

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