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Code Vein Introduces Blood Tears, Mysterious Fruit That Keep Revenants Sane


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New information on Code Vein was released this week introducing ‘Blood Tears’, fruit that keep the vampiric tendencies of the Revenant at bay, and the ‘Blood Tear Spring’, the plant that produces the rare fruit. (Thanks, 4gamer!)


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In Code Vein, Revenants wield extraordinary power, but lose most of their human memories. A Revenant needs to constantly drink human blood to maintain their humanity or else they will warp into the Lost.


“Blood Tears” are a mysterious fruit that is filled with liquid that can satiate the hunger for blood and prevent Revenants turning into Lost. They grow on plants called Blood Tear Springs, which sprout suddenly whenever a Revenant is on the brink of demise. However, the miasma damages these plants. As such, obtaining Blood Tears is becoming harder by the day.


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The protagonist has the ability to restore the Blood Tear Springs to life by dripping their blood on the husks. This is the same ability that revitalizes the Mistletoe that act as checkpoints.



rui 1

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Rui is a researcher studying Blood Tears in order to save Revenants from the hunger for human blood. He is looking for the “Fountainhead”, the origin of the Blood Tear Springs, in order to look for enough Blood Tears for powerless people as well.


The wheel of fate starts to turn when Rui meets the protagonist, who has the power to restore the Springs. He asks to help the protagonist and joins them as a companion in their travels.


Rui is a righteous person, and cannot leave people in trouble alone. He is very experienced in dealing with Lost with his speedy one-handed sword attacks and his Blood Veil, “Ogre”.


Yakumo Shinonome

yakumo 1

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As introduced before, Yakumo is a former mercenary turned Revenant. When he first awakens as a Revenant, he nearly succumbs to the hunger and turns into a Lost, but is saved by Rui and the protagonist. He then joins you on the journey.


While he is very wary around unfamiliar people, once he recognizes the protagonist as an friend, he becomes a staunch ally. He fights with a two-handed sword and a close range Blood Veil, “Hounds”.


As Revenants do not feel hungry so long as they feed on blood, eating is actually unnecessary for them, but Yakumo believes that there is meaning in eating normal food. Perhaps it has to do with some forgotten memory from before becoming a Revenant, but he argues that this is what makes them “human-like”. He carries a picture of his close friends from his mercenary days, but the fate of his friends is unknown.


Blood Code

blood code 1

blood code 2 blood code 3


Blood Codes are an important part of building up your character, as they act similarly to a job system. They become usable after Blood Crystals, which are crystallized memories, are obtained and repaired.


When the protagonist touches a Blood Crystal, he is able to replay memories of the person who the memory belonged to. This is not limited to dead people, but living Revenants as well.


blood code 4 blood code 5

blood code 6 blood code 7


The above screenshots are from one of Rui’s memories, which became a Blood Crystal. By reliving the memory, Rui becomes able to remember this particular ability.


Code Vein will be released in 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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