Code Vein Offers A Variety Of Fields And Deep Character Customization

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Bandai Namco’s God Eater team is working on a new action RPG called Code Vein that kind of reminds us of Freedom Wars with a Dark Souls touch. Here’s new info from this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


  • Code Vein takes place in a world where time has passed since it was destroyed due to a certain cause. Modern society is now part of adjoining lands.


  • Staying alive is the objective of being a Revenant. Fighting will get you closer to the truth of the world.




  • The protagonist is a short-haired young man. The woman in the Russian hat and red-haired man are NPCs.


  • The player character can be freely customized, including the gender.


  • The game offers deep character customization options, so you’ll even get to make cool and heroic-looking characters, and such.


  • In addition to customization, Code Vein’s character growth elements will also give you a lot of freedom, allowing you to create a character that perfectly fits your play style.


  • The game doesn’t progress through clearing stages, but by walking and exploring around the adjoining world.


  • There’s plenty of field variation, where you’ll see enemies with their own characteristics to each area, as well as setups and gimmicks that are unique to each area.The game content volume will be a satisfying one.


  • If your Buddy dies you’ll still get to continue exploring. You’ll also get the option to go exploring without a Buddy character.


  • The concept of “death” doesn’t exist in Code Vein. If you happen to go out of action then you’ll be revived after time passes (meaning you’ll get to retry from a checkpoint).


  • Difficulty isn’t something they’re trying to make a primary focus, but it will be pretty challenging.


Code Vein is expected to release in 2018 for “major consoles.” Check out more screenshots and info on the game in our earlier report.

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