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Code Vein Shows Off Its ‘Home Base’ Feature And The City That Rains Fire


    codevein base 1

    Bandai Namco showed off several new areas and features of Code Vein at the Taipei Game Show today, including a base that acts as a place to talk to other support characters and upgrade weapons, as well as footage of a new area named ‘The City That Rains Fire’. [Thanks, Bahamut]


    Home Base:


    The City That Rains Fire:

    Producer Keita Iizuka and Director Yuzuke Tomizawa went on stage to show off The Ridge of Frozen Souls, and a new field, The City That Rains Fire. In The City That Rains Fire are fire hazards and magma zones that can sap away players’ health quickly with improper positioning.


    In the first half of the video, the protagonist is equipped with a two-handed sword and the “Hounds” Blood Veil. The  protagonist uses the Halberd and the Stinger Blood Veil in The City That Rains Fire, with Rui as a companion. The developers recommend this combination thats to the longer range. At the end, a mid-boss is shown off.



    Bandai Namco also released some footage on Twitter, without audience noise in the background:




    Finally, here are new screenshots from a Bandai Namco press release:

    bn code vein 1 bn code vein 2

    bn code vein 3 bn code vein 4

    bn code vein 5 bn code vein 6

    bn code vein 7 bn code vein 8

    bn code vein 9 bn code vein 10

    bn code vein 11 bn code vein 12

    bn code vein 13 bn code vein 14

    bn code vein 16 bn code vein 17

    bn code vein 18 bn code vein 19

    bn code vein 20 bn code vein 21

    bn code vein 22 bn code vein 23

    bn code vein 24 bn code vein 25

    bn code vein 26 bn code vein 15

    bn code vein 28


    Code Vein will be released in 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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