Collect & Battle Hundreds Of Monsters In The Endless RPG Adventures Of Siralim 2

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Turn-based RPG Siralim 2 promises an endless supply of dungeons, spells, and challenges for its players, letting them put the game’s five hundred collectible monsters to use as long as they want.




Available now on Steam Early Access, Siralim 2 lets players collect the monsters they fight, putting them to work in combat when captured. These creatures can also be bred with each other, bringing the abilities of both parents. Unused monsters can also be sent on quests on their own to find new loot.



The dungeons and quests are randomly generated and are scaled based on the player’s party, which promises to create endless content for the player. Players can also engage in sidequests like fighting in the arena, gambling with dwarves, or cooking.




Players will also be able to upgrade a castle they possess, unlocking new quests, rooms, and NPCs as they do so.




Siralim 2 is slated to release on mobile devices, PS Vita, and PS4 shortly after it leaves Early Access.

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