Collect Hot Scoops And Avoid Death In E3 1915



E3 was a lot harder for a journalist in 1915. Not only did you have to hunt down the hottest news scoops possible, you also had to avoid tuberculosis. What a drag.


In celebration of this year’s E3, game developer Alexander Shen released a puzzle game called E3 1915 ( It has you travel back in time 100 years ago to an E3 that never existed (for the record, E3 didn’t start until 1995). The idea in each grid-based level is to collect the three newspaper icons and reach the exit before you run out of food.



What makes this hard is that each square you move consumes one item of food so your moves are very limited. And in later levels you’ll have to use ladders, push crates, and avoid the tuberculosis that hangs around the convention halls like a bad smell.


You can play E3 1915 for free in your browser on the developer’s website, Newgrounds, or Kongregate. You can also download it for free on Android through Google Play.

Chris Priestman