Collect & Mix Your Enemies’ Weapons To Find Andromeda’s Secrets


Players can collect and store the abilities of their enemies with their DNA-Gun, using them to find secrets and hidden passages on the various planets of sidescrolling action/exploration game Andromeda.

Player will start a game of Andromeda with a different star map on each playthrough, beginning with a new selection of available planets they can visit and routes to new worlds every time. Should players find out about a new planet, they can travel to it in shmup-like segments, fighting enemies and dodging shots along the way.

When players land on a planet, they’re free to explore, looking for power-ups, items, and information on new planets. Each planet has its own systems and gravity which will affect player movement,some of which can be overcome using custom armors the player builds to explore them.

Each planet will also feature all-new enemies with abilities to copy with the player’s DNA-Gun. These abilities will help the player navigate their environments and find secrets within, but these abilities can also be mixed together to create even more useful offensive powers and puzzle-solving techniques.

Andromeda is currently raising Kickstarter funds as well as Greenlight votes. A demo is also available from the game’s Kickstarter page for those who wish to try the game out before they donate or vote.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!