Colopl Introduces The Main Appearing Characters In Project Babel


project babel 1

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Late last month, Colopl announced a new smartphone RPG with a scenario by Final Fantasy VII’s Kazushige Nojima and music by Final Fantasy XII composer Hitoshi Sakimoto. Now, new clear screenshots for the main characters and the key visual have been revealed as well. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]



project babel 2

A young teen who was raised in a closed-off environment, and thus is not very familiar with the world around him.



project babel 3

A lonely girl who was raised in a cage.



project babel 4

A girl who’s basically Rai’s younger sister, and sometimes worries to much.



project babel 5

A close friend who’s awakened his spirit of justice, which troubles him.



project babel 6

A lower-class soldier who loves what the world is like right now.


You can find the official website for Project Babel here.


Project Babel is in development for iOS and Android.

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