Painting app Colors! 3D is getting an update on April 5th, the game’s developer, Collecting Smiles, has announced. The free update will add a few new community features to the app. Here’s the list of some of the major features:


• Follow your favorite artists in the gallery to make sure you don’t miss any of their paintings


• Customize your Nintendo 3DS button setup to streamline your painting flow


• Use the new search-bar to easily find paintings of your favorite topics


• Filter paintings in the gallery based on if they used a reference photo not – only want to see original works? No problem


• See what tools you and others used to create a painting – and find out who spent over 30 hours on a single work!


• Get news directly in Colors! 3D about everything from gallery improvements to painting contests


• Make your own gallery page more individual by customizing it with a message and a profile picture


• Tag your paintings with the new #tags system for other users to easily find them


• And tons (and tons) of other additions and bug-fixes


A more complete changelog with some of the more minor changes can be found here. Collecting Smiles are also running a Colors! 3D painting contest, with a Wii U Deluxe Set as the first prize.



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